Firma Architects Paper stworzyła tapetę podświetlaną LED!. Czyli teraz już zamiast kinkietu można zastosować takie cuda techniki.


The new LED Wallpaper – Ingo Maurer by Architects Paper, the first wallpaper with integrated LED lamps, creates a very special highlight within this lighting choreography.

Raumbild-Stoneplex-Sand-400529-RU Tapeta Stoneplex Sand

400734-stoneplex-slate-copper 400741-stoneplex-slate-gold 400758-stoneplex-slate-silver 400765-stoneplex-slate-pearly

Stoneplex Schiefer

Most of the reproduction product consists of natural stone, such as slate powder. It contains only a few synthetic components in order to make the material flexible. We are careful to use ecologically sound raw materials. Therefore, these products are PVC, softener and solvent free


Omnia is a reminiscence of royal palaces and the opulence of the Orient. The patterns vary depending on the incidence of light and create a three dimensional experience.

The collection was printed on a textile printing machine originally developed to print on fabrics. Special: the non-woven texture retains its original character. Depending on the light, the light profiled surface creates animated images.