A oto oferta firmy B&N Industries. Panele ścienne zrobione z forniru z naniesionymi grafikami – bardzo sympatyczna i oryginalna dekoracja wnętrza.

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Meble z forniru z naniesionymi grafikami – kolorowe i radosne, świeże w swym pomyśle i bardzo oryginalne w kreacji.

CubesCredenzas  NestingTables PlinthTable

Steamer Nesting Tables are a classic interpretation of Campaign furniture and construction details borrowed from the great days of ocean voyaging. In three heights, each table can be used together for an elegant statement, or alone for a high-end accent piece. With attention paid to the years past of quality steamer trunk making, each piece is carefully constructed by hand. The Large Steamer Table has two operable drawers. Our best materials are used:  Extremely durable high grade leather vinyls that perfectly mimic Buffalo, Crocodile, and Shagreen. The metal accents are available in Antiqued Brass.


Steamers01 Steamers02 Steamers04

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