Krzesło, które ma swoje korzenie w design’ie portugalii: „Portuguese Roots Chair”. Krzesło inspirowane krzesłem Goncgalo firmy Arcalo zaprojektowanym w 1953 roku. Krzesło wykonane z litego drewna z elementami korka. Krzesło jest połączeniem zarówno mistrzowskiej pracy ręcznej jak i nowych technologii.

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Pozostałe produkty firmy.

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Korek użyty do produkcji mebli

Korek zrobiony jest z zewnętrznej kory wieczniezielonego dębu korkowego. The life cycle of cork, as a raw material, starts with the extraction of the bark from cork oaks. The so-called harvesting or stripping, which is carried out during the most active stage in the annual growth of the cork occurs from mid-May or early June to the end of August.

But it is, above all, a material that is one hundred per cent natural, recyclable and reusable, essential qualities in a more environmentally friendly and less polluted modern society.

  • 33% of the world’s total area of cork oak forest is concentrated in Portugal!
  • It takes 45 years to reap the highest quality cork.
  • Cork trees can be harvest every 9 years (producing around 45 Kg of good quality cork).
  • It can be harvest around 16 times during its life.
  • A cork tree lives between 150 to 200 years!
  • A cork tree can reach 25 meters height.
  • The main characteristics of cork are: lightness, impermeability to liquid and gases, compressibility, elasticity, insulator (thermic, acoustic, anti-vibrant), doesn’t burn in live flame, highly abrasion resistant.
  • cork fabrics

    The cork fabrics are very special, feels somewhat like suede, but are naturally water resistant, inert, light weight, impermeable to liquids and gases, vibration damping and resistant to wear and temperature changes.

    The cork fabrics are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

    Cork fabrics

    All the cork fabrics images that follow present natural patterns. It’s possible to colour our cork fabrics, creating a wide range of combinations and opening doors for a whole world of imagination. Cork fabrics are quite inspiring for fashion designers, interior designers, architects and creators all over the world. Most of the cork fabric patterns presented below are Cork Fabrics exclusives. Try it. You’ll love it!

    the brand

    We are proud to present to you a new brand of Portuguese furniture design. It is the project of a young team who believe in the values of cultural and Portuguese traditions giving them a new interpretation through the design of unique pieces. The main legacy is the family connection of this team to one of the greatest icons of Portuguese design of the 50’s, the Gonçalo chair from Arcalo, which still remains the main image in Portuguese emblematic outdoor spaces. No less important is the cultural heritage and passion of this young team. The industry’s treatment of cork and wood combine advanced technology with ancient methods, all with the purpose of sourcing the exclusive materials. These two heritages make AROUND THE TREE an original brand that is distinguished for having the perfect combination of the two elements in their DNA, design and nature.

    We present to you; the new Portuguese brand AROUNDtheTREE – Natural Design.